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How to Backup File with Large Space Email?

Nowadays free mail space are very large. So it is a good choice for personal use to make full use of large mail space to backup files. The advantage is that not only makes full use of the free space without any extra storage devices but achieves remote backup. Usually, the backed up data and the original data are in the same place, but it is very easy to lose both data in many cases, such as earthquake, fire, theft and so on. Therefore, remote backup is very important.

But two issues must be solved before using email to backup. One is mailbox size limited to sending mail, this will cause large file can not transfer as attachment. The other is the security of backup files on server. The sensitive on public network must make sure its security, even though they are obtained by others, the real content of the data can not be known.

Now let's explain how to use this software to achieve this above features.

  1. Create a Synchronization Job, you can use "One-Way Sync" and set the directory you want to backup as "source directory". The "destination directory "must be in local and compressed in zip format. Compression can reduce the size of file and change the whole directory into a file.
  2. Add a SMTP Email Account to send mail.
  3. Create a "Backup to Email" Subsidiary Job, you can specify the file to split before sending. Subsidiary job can be bundled with main job and executed automatically.
  4. When you need, you can use Independent File Merge Procedure to integrate the backup files saved in mailbox and get the original files again.

Next we will talk about how to ensure the security of files. There are five safty measures during this backup process above.

  1. When copying files in sync job, you can choose File Encryption for every file.
  2. Output compressed Zip files after job synchronizes. Set Password Protection.
  3. When splitting files, you can Encrypt the File again for compressed and split file.
  4. For the mail of backup file itself, it does not need to login with password.
  5. The split file can Save in Several Different Mails and every mail only saves a part of file fragments.

With this five lines of defence, backed up data on public network is absolute security.

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