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Select the File Name

Select the file name

In this dialog box,enter file name you want to include or exclude. File name means file in any directory, including root directory and all the levels of subdirectories.

In the dialog box below, enter file relative path. File relative path does not take an effect on all the directories but only for the file in your specified path. If you want to specify directory, you need enter "\" at last.

The relationship between the filter conditions you enter above is "or".That's to say, meeting any one item equals to meet all conditions.The directory name of file name or file path can all use wildcard,"*"means several characters, "?"means one character. For example, *.exe means the file suffixed with .exe; h?.htm means that this file name begins with "h" and ends with ".htm" in 6 characters.<Source Directory>\FileSafe\* means all the files in FileSafe subdirectory.

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