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How to Backup Files Being Accessed by Other Programs(Such as SQLServer Database)?

If some files are accessed exclusively by other program, you are unable to copy them in general way. This software provides a special method to forcibly copy this kind of files. On Wizard Extended Setting Page, you can enable this option.The files forced to copy must be in local hard drive, while those in mapped drive and removable storage devices can not be copied forcibly.

For example, SQLServer database file.MDF .LDF or .PST file of Outlook, these files can not be copied when SQLServer or Outlook starts. At this time, you can enable the option to copy files forcibly. For the general Word document.doc or Excel file.xls and so on, they can be copied in general way when they opens, and they are not required to enable this feature.

Besides, for SQLServer database file.MDF .LDF and so on, we can backup in another way. On Execute Command Line Before or After Job is Executed wizard page, you can execute "net stop mssqlserver" to stop SQLServer before job is executed and execute "net start mssqlserver"to start up SQLServer after job is executed. In this way, the database files are also copied successfully to backup or synchronize.

For the non-native database files, you can call a web page through command line to stop or start database and finish backup or synchronization.

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