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How to Make FTP Execute More Efficiently by HTTP,Multi-thread and FXP?

Generally, network application can improve running speed by multi-thread. This software supports multi-threaded FTP to upload and download, supports HTTP and can directly transfer file between FTP servers.

HTTP feature hides in software and no need to set. When doing a job, if file transfer is interruption, job will retry again and continue in HTTP way. The files of HTTP will diplay a grey breakpoint location in Progress.

In order to enable multi-thread FTP to upload and download, you need set the options on Wizard Extended Setting Page. Not more threads are more better, The settings depend on the specified network bandwidth. If the network bandwidth is limited, too much threads will lower running speed and make file transfer failed. In addition, the number of threads need to set according to the limitation of FTP, because some FTP will limit the connections of client.

If job's source directory and destination directory are both on FTP, you can enable FXP working way on Wizard Extended Setting Page, and make file transfer between FTP servers directly without transit via local. However, When using FXP, note that the PASV Mode of the two FTP servers must be different, and the fileĀ could notĀ be encrypted. If you need to encrypt, you must download to process in local and then upload. Also note that FTP can not support FXP.

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