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How to start up synchronize and backup job?

This software runs mainly as job. Every job has its own special settings without interference one another. When creating a job, this software will guide you to finish settings step by step by wizard.

Source Directory: refers to the directory where the original files are located, which you want to copy and backup or synchronize.
Destination Directory: refers to the directory for saving the files you have copied from the original directory.
Synchronization: refers that the files in source reflect on the destination directory, it only reflects the latest executed files in source and can not restore the files of source executed each time.
Backup: refers that when job is executed, it will save the files in source directory without replacing the old files and make files have history record. If you need, you can restore the directory structure and files of soucre executed any time.


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  • "Easy to backup the data files of staff or server in company, and use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."
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  • "Using FileGee backup & synchronization system can ensure different files backed up automatically, It is so easy."
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