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Automatic Backup Settings

Backup Automatic Startup Settings

This software has the below several kinds of automatic startup backup methods. Backup starts up on certain day every week or every month, starts up on certain time of the current day, or starts up backup automatically by frequency, or backup in real-time, which means automatic backup starts when the content of file folder has been changed. Some more explaination: 1. System idle does not only means there is no mouse and keyborad operated but no higher usage of CPU; 2. Backup in real-tiem also has 3 seconds delay. The reason is that software need wait to backup after all the files have already copied but not backup after each copy have done when there are a lot of files are copied to the source directory you want to backup.3. If files you want to backup are on FTP server, software can not monitor in real-time. You can use interval backup instead though it is not really backup in real time.

If you choose certain days every month for backup, you must Set Trigger Date.

If you choose certain days every week for backup, you must Set Trigger day

If you choose certain days every month or every week, or choose every day to backup, you need also Set Trigger Time on that day.

If you choose interval backup, you need Set Interval Time

No matter whether manual backup or automatic backup, software does not do any backup when there is no change in the source directory.

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  • "Easy to backup the data files of staff or server in company, and use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."
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  • "Using FileGee backup & synchronization system can ensure different files backed up automatically, It is so easy."
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