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Job Extended Setting2

Job Extended Setting2

The first Option, used to choose whether encrypt files when doing file backup or synchronization. The encrypted files can not open normally, and need to use Recovery Tool to restore. By using this tool, files will be decrypted automatically and thus they can open normally. Or you can also use Folder Encryption and Decryption Tool to view files after destination directory is decrypted.

The second option,choose whether to delete into recycle bin when deleting files. For the location which has not recycle bin such as FTP, LAN path, removable storage devices and so on, this option can not take effect.

The third option, choose whether to add Remarks before or after job is executed. And these remarks will be written in log for being checked in future. When job is complete, a window will pop up to ask you for entering.

Choose whether to display job progress. For local directory, the refresh speed of progress is very fast, so a certain amount of CPU must be taken up. More files, more CPU occupied. Therefore, users need to choose whether the job execution progress displayed according to their own demands.

Choose whether to record all the logs. If large files are required to deal with and the size of their logs will be up to tens of M, you can consider to enable this option to speed up job. Before you enable, please make sure the logs are not useful for you. Besides, Incremental Backup must record logs, otherwise, directory structure can not be restored.

Choose whether to show a bubble tip in the lower right corner of desktop for promptly viewing the job executed situation before or after job is executed.


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