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File Location for Backup

The location of source directory for file synchronization and backup can be set on this page. The source directory maybe on the local computer, or on the FTP server. So you need choose the location of source directory at first.

If it is local path, you can specify the local directory or the share directory on another PC of LAN. For share directory in LAN, you can click the key button on the right top corner to set user name and password for logging in share directory.

If source files are on FTP server, you need Set FTP Information at first because FTP server may be called by multiple jobs. Therefore, FTP server does not supported to set information in any wizard. The job only calls the added FTP information. When you have selected the FTP server you want to call, you can choose the path where source file is located. This path is the relative path for logging in FTP server.

Pictured above is the unique feature of multiple network version. Multiple network version can transfer file through inner channel of file transfer in this software. When server enables inner channel of file transfer and specifies a root path for saving file, the client side can create a job to save files into a certain relative subdirectory in root path, or get files from a certain subdirectory in root path. For details, please refer to How to transfer file through inner channel of multiple network version without using FTP or share path?

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