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How to Backup the Configuration Information of Software to Keep on Working with the Previous Settings after Reinstallation?

Software configuration is very important for backup job. The configuration file includes job settings and the situation of job execution. For"Incremental Backup", the log of configuration is more important, which is used to restore the directory structure of "Incremental Backup".

In order to backup the configuration file of software, you can create a job to backup your own configuration file in this software. The type of job can be "One-Way Sync", and the source directory can be set as the path to save the configuration file. If OS version is Windows Vista or above (Windows7 included), configuration file will save in "C:\ProgramData\FileGee". In the other OS such as Window XP, configuration file will save in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FileGee".You can find this path by running "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%".

Select Filter

You need also do some filter settings because some files are not required to backup. As the picture shown above, you only need to backup the Data (job settings, executed situation) in installation path and Log (log information).

Named Filter

Besides, you need also filter the configuration file of current job(used to backup the configuration file) itself. As the picture shown above, filter these files and do not backup. the '*' in the above picture is wildcard, representing any character strings. Numeral means the number of job. You can get this number by clicking the menu "Tool"->"Run Command Generator". As shown on this following picture, choose your job for backing up configuration file and then press "Generate" and you can see the number of job.

Get Job ID

The job for backing up configuration file does not use the real-time mode, but uses the interval or manual mode.

After software has been reinstalled, you only need to copy the backed up Date and Log directory in the installation path.

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