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An Introduction of the Genernal Features of Filegee Synchronization and Backup System

"FileGee File Synchronization and Backup System"

FileGee Synchronization and Backup System" is an excellent and powerful file synchronization and backup software in the world. FileGee is integrated of backup, synchronization, encryption and separation that allows users to easily access backup and synchronize files in multiple locations including FTP, local area network and local multiple storage devices. The powerful features of error tolerance and detailed log as well as progress display can make sure the high reliability and stability even lower CPU usage when doing backup and synchronization. FileGee can fully meet the needs of Enterprise customers and be widely used for Enterprise data backup, web servers, office automation, Internet cafe management. No additional hardware resources to build a powerful, highly efficient and stable automatic backup environment. It is a highly cost-effective choice for your file backup and synchronizaiton.

  • Backup and synchronize files in two separate locations which contain identical up-to-date files. Such as on local storage devices, LAN shared directory and FTP server.
  • Hot backup database and can read the files used by other program.
  • Run in Service way, no need to login OS and hide and work completely in background.
  • Multi-user version is provided by hidden controlled client and administrator can do mass multiple computers backup through server client without broadcast.
  • Transfer file directly between the client and the server of multi-user version, no need to access FTP or shared path.
  • FTP supports multiple threads to upload and download, making full use of network bandwidth to complete file transfer more quickly.
  • FTP supports transmission to resume at break-points, avoiding repeat transmission and fully saves network resources.
  • FTP supports FXP , transfers files between two FTP servers without local transit.
  • FTP supports SSL , enhances the security and reliability of data transmission.
  • FTP supports UTF-8, compatible with multi-language without unicode file name.
  • Backup file via Email with large space mail, large files can be splitted and stored separately in multiple mails.
  • Provide independent split and merge file tool to integrate splitted files which save in separate mails.
  • With independent multi-task mode, you can do different backup and synchronization for different multiple folders at the same time.
  • Support one-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, incremental backup, full backup and other types of file synchronization and backup.
  • Auto-trigger mode in multiple tasks, initiate task in real-time, timing, interval or by manual.
  • Preview job execution, analyze the ready to be carried job to avoid fault operation.
  • Strong error tolerance, automatic error operation record and auto-retry without missing any files.
  • Monitor USB removable storage devices in real-time, automatic backup or synchronize when removable storage device is inserted.
  • Support Unicode and file name with multi-charset language to proces.
  • Encrypt folder files when doing backup or synchronization to make sure data security.
  • Intelligent recovery feature for incremental backup allows you to restore the source directory structure and files that completely sames as those before each execution.
  • Independent recovery tool for incremental backup allows you to restore on any computers even if no Filegee program has been installed.
  • Compress backup or synchronized files in generic zip format and create password to protect.
  • Provide multiple file filtering feature, allow you to use selective filter or fuzzy matching filter with file name for the target files.
  • Support Command Line to start up job, allow you to operate its backup or synchronization in other softwares.
  • Support software outside to operate in Command Line way before or after job is executed.
  • Multiple timing solution, including modes that runs monthly, weekly and daily, etc.
  • Various ways for automatically deleting unnecessary backup files and logs, back up useful data without wasting any storage space.
  • Job can be dependencies executed and their execution order can be specified.
  • Job execution can be aborted half-way at any time, auto record backed up files without repeating next time.
  • Detailed execution log including every operation of all files and result from each execution.
  • Clear job progress display allows you to keep tracking each execution and possible problems any time.
  • Support plenty of storage media such as hard disk, USB storage device, FTP space and network storage device, etc.
  • Automatically save user name and password for the network share path which requires permission to access.
  • Backup and synchronize files through setting a proxy server to access FTP.
  • Human-oriented interface with definite features and simple operation. Wizard design makes user operate more easier.
  • Backup and synchronize ultra-large-scale file folder with less resource occupancy.
  • High stability, work ceaselessly and automatically for a long time without manual intervention.

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Free Trial Limitation

  • Trial version can be enabled 50 times in 2 hours.
  • Only 2 jobs are available in trial version.


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  • "Easy to backup the data files of staff or server in company, and use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."
  • IT Supervisor
  • "Using FileGee backup & synchronization system can ensure different files backed up automatically, It is so easy."
  • Technical Manager

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