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What Issues Need Attention When Adding LAN Share Path in Job?

If software is installed on computer A and need to transfer file between computer A and B, firstly, you need share directory you want to operate on computer B and set user name and password. Then, Set share network path in our software. The path can be typed in "\\Server Name\Share Directory" format. "Share Directory" must be specified. If there is only "Server Name", software can not be operated as shown in the below picture.

Set Network Path

You can also click the folder button to directly browse the share path on computer B. As shown in the below picture.

Select Network Path

If user name and password have been set on the share path of computer B, you can click the key icon button on the first picture to do settings. If user is domain, the user format is "Domain Name\User Name". If you use OS username and password to access share path, you need't set here.

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