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How to Protect the Security of Backup Files from Disclosure?

Usually, the important file needs to backup and those files are also confidential and not allowed to disclose in most cases. When users needs to protect their files, the encryption feature of this software gives you support to do. The encryption feature can be enabled through Job Wizard Extended Option Page. So the files copied from source to destination directory are all encrypted.

In the job of setting FTP path, files are encrypted and decrypted in local. If the destination path is on FTP server, the data in transfer process will be encrypted. Thus you are not worried about that data will be detected by others.

Encrypted files can not be opened normally.User can decrypt in two ways. The first way, directly use File Recovery Tool provided by this software to restore files. For the job enabled encryption, recovery tool will decrypt automatically when restoring files. The second way, decrypt destination directory through Independent File Encryption and Decryption Tool provided by this software. Users can also independently use this tool to encrypt file folders.

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