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How to Take up the Minimum Disk Space and Restore All the History Backups on Any Computer?

If you need to restore the previous executed directory structure and files in source, you must use "Incremental Backup" and "Full Backup". "Incremental Backup" is more better in these two backup methods. Because it only needs to copy the created and updated files when backing up each time and does no like "Full Backup" to copy all the files.

For"Incremental Backup", each backed up file is only a part, If you want to restore the whole source directory executed in history, you must use"File Recovery Tool". This tool can restore the source directory structure for each previous execution according to the logs, and selectively restore a part of directories and files.

In order to save disc space, this software provides Automatic Deletion Feature. It can automatically delete the outdate backed up logs and their corresponding files. Furthermore, this deletion is very intelligent because it can automatically merge the useful files from the deleted backups into the retained backups. Therefore, for those backup files which are not deleted, you can still restore the whole directory structure and files. Besides, the automatic deletion feature can Reserve Partial Version. It is available to set how many deletions need to retain one, or set to retain one every day.

This software also provides "Incremental Backup Recovery Tool", you can restore history backups on any computers even though they have not installed this software.

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