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Independent Incremental Backup and Recovery Procedure

Software provides an independent incremental backup recovery tool. By using this tool, you can restore the backed up history record on any computer which has not installed this program. Only need three cases and all this above work can be done. 1. The exe file of"incremental backup recovery tool" in installation path; 2. All the backup files; 3.Exported Log and Its Recorded Files. With these, you can restore all the backup files and directory structure on any computer.

The Original file of Recovery Tool

Incremental backup recovery tool guides you on recovery operations step by step with wizard. Pictured above is the first page of wizard, this page specifies the previous directory where the original files are located and the Exported Log and Its Recorded Files during previous backup.Moreover,it need enter password to start log file.Operations are the same in the subsequent pages of wizard and the recovery tool of software.For more details, you can refer to "Restore Backup File". When all have been done, a progress box will display as below, showing the file restored progress.

Restoring Progress of Recovery Tool

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