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How to Monitor USB Removable Storage Devices in Realtime and Backup or Synchronize Automatically Once USB Devices Have Been Plugged in?

Many users backup the important files into removable storage devices, or save the files on USB drive into a certain directory on computer. This software provides a mothod to automatically finish this backup and synchronization job wihout manual intervention when USB devices have been plugged in.

First, you need to create a job, and the source or destination directory of the job, at least one of them must be on removable storage device.Set to Execute in Realtime?

After job has been created, you can see this job in job list. When plugging the removable storage devices in computer, the icon on the front of the job is , representing that the current job can be executed. When the removable storage device has not been plugged in and drive can not be used, the icon on the front of job is, representing that the job will not be executed automatically utill the removable storage device has been plugged in. The time for plugging in will also make job trigger to execute.

In addition, although the dirves are the same but they may be different removable storage devices. Our software has already solved this issue and make job check automatically whether the removable storage devices are the same as the last time, If any differences are found, it will prompt user to confirm for preventing mistake operation.

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  • "Easy to backup the data files of staff or server in company, and use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."
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  • "Using FileGee backup & synchronization system can ensure different files backed up automatically, It is so easy."
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