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Replace Sync

Replace Sync: when item is in sync, the new created or updated files in source will be copied to destination, while all original files in destination before copying will be deleted except the latest ones.

Before job is executed, there are some files in source directory but no files in destination.

Before the first execution

Job is being executed, and doing the following operations.

The frist time to execute

After job is executed, the source are completely the same as the destination directory.

After the first execution

After a while, the files in source and destination both have a little change. In source directory, delete directory1, create directory2,update file1.txt, and create directory3 in destination, update file2.txt.

Before the second execution

When doing the second execution, the following operations have been done. Replace Sync will delete the previous files that have already been copied to the destination directory and only retain the latest created and updated files.

When the second execution is doing

The result of job execution is below.The created and updated files have been copied into destination, and the created directory3 will also be retained.

After the second execution

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