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How to activate program using serial nubmer ?

It is very simple to activate with serial number, :
1. Download the appropriate version from official website :
Download site:http://en.filegee.com/download.html

2. install edition,
If it is multi-user version, We suggest that the server be install to stable server , the client can be installed on the computer that need to operater backup and synchronization files. 。
Installation Steps :Double click exe file, then operate step by step according to prompt.


use the serial number to activate
1) run client, click "help" on menu bar, and select"Serial number activation";
2) Enter the serial number in the pop-up box;
3) Click "OK";
Now the program have been activated.

Notice:We advice enterprise single editon user to use serial number activation and multi-user user to use user name activation.

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