FileGee Backup & Sync System

  • Backup & Sync File:
    Local PC, LAN shared directory, FTP Server, Dropbox
  • Backup & Sync Mode:
    one-way sync, two-way sync,
    incremental backup, full backup, etc.
  • High Efficiency and Intelligence:
    Automatic execution, dependency execution, command before or after job is executed, intelligent incremental settings, hot backup, run in the background, mode for saving resouces, etc.
  • Stable and Secure:
    Backup password, error tolerant, intelligent recovery, etc.
  • Subsidiary function:
    Log export, backup to Email, split, merge,etc.
  • Support System: Windows 2000 or above.

Why choose FileGee to backup & sync?

  • 1. User Review

    "FileGee Backup and Sync ES Version is an easy to backup the data files of staff or server to use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."

  • 2. Advantages
    • Advantages
    • Advantages
    • Advantages
    • Advantages
      Best service
  • 3. Clients

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