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Independent File Merge Procedure

The split files from File Split Procedure or from Auxiliary Job "Backup to Email" before sending, all can merge through this l procedure.

Source Directory of Merge Tool

The first page of wizard, set location to save split files. Note that all the split files must save in this directory, thus make sure file merged successfully at last.

File Selection of Merge Tool

The second page of wizard, this page maybe not shown. It only shows when there are several groups of split files in the directory set by first page. It is used to choose which group of split files to merge.

Decryption Code of Merge Tool

The third page of wizard, this page maybe also not shown. It only shows when the split files have been encrypted. It is used to set password for decryption.

Save Location of Merge Tool

The last page of wizard, specify the location to save the merged files.

Process Progress of Merge Tool

Display process progress.

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