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  • 31. Move Sync

    This article introduce the move sync type to backup file with filegee backup & synchronization system.

  • 32. Mirror Synchronization

    An introduction about the feature of mirror synchronization in FileGee Synchronization and Backup System.

  • 33. Two-Way Sync

    This article introduce the two-way sync to backup files with filegee backup & synchronization system.

  • 34. Contribute Sync

    This article introduce the incremental sync of filegee backup & synchronization system.

  • 35. Hidden Controlled Client of Multi-user Version

    The hidden controlled client of filegee backup & synchronization system multi-user version hides and runs in background in Service way.

  • 36. Backup to Email Subwindow

    Filegee backup & synchronization system support backup files to email.

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Customer Reviews

  • "Easy to backup the data files of staff or server in company, and use different backup modes to complete different backup effects."
  • IT Supervisor
  • "Using FileGee backup & synchronization system can ensure different files backed up automatically, It is so easy."
  • Technical Manager

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